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Foreign Investment

Credence LP has extensive experience in providing legal services to international clients on establishing a presence in Bangladesh, via foreign-invested companies or representative offices.

Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions

Credence LP offers a fully-integrated approach to commercial workouts, merger and acquisitions, refinancings, bankruptcy issues, and other out-of-court debt restructurings.

Land and Real Estate

Credence LP has a highly experienced team that has the capability to identify potential conflicts which allow the clients to make decisions beforehand to avoid seeking litigation as well as expert litigators who represent clients with sincerity and dedication.

Landlord and Tenant

Whether you are taking on new commercial space, relocating premises, purchasing a new land or apartment, protecting your existing property interests or require advice with property finance arrangements or any dispute between landlord and tenant, the lawyers of Credence LP are there to assist.

Employment, Labour & Service

There are many instances in employment issues and laws regarding it that are not understood by either employer or employee; Credence LP is here to efficiently handle all employment issues


Credence LP deals efficiently with writ petitions for various matters for instance, Customs, Banking, Securities, so on and so forth as well as any dealings with public bodies.

Company &Secretarial Matters

Need legal advice concerning shareholders rights, company and corporate law, joint ventures and other company related issues? Credence LP is your guiding counsel.

White Collar Crimes

Clients’ business and day to day affairs are vulnerable to dishonor of cheques, fraudulent misrepresentation, money laundering and much more; leave it to Credence LP to solve the issues.

Banking and Finance

The banking and finance lawyers in Credence LP are known for driving transactions quickly and effectively, and for paying close attention to the commercial objectives of the clients.

Intellectual Property (IP) and Information Technology Law (IT)

Credence LP possess high expertise in the intellectual property law, including, copyright registration trademark protection, infringements, domains, so forth.


Credence LP is well acquainted with the urgency and procedure of ship arrests and how to respond promptly. Credence LP are well equipped to resolve disputes concerning claims to cargo, attachments, so forth.

Family Matters and Matrimonial

The depth of the insight in this area of law makes Credence LP the best choice for clients to deal with all family matters and disputes on marriages, child custody, ward ship, property and the likes.

Criminal Law

At the cutting edge of white collar and general crime defence cases, Credence LP litigation team serves at their best to get you out of legal scrapes.

Writs (Judicial Review)

If you are thinking about bringing a Writ Petition or a judicial review claim, or are a public body facing the threat of one, getting specialist advisors involved at the outset can make all the difference.

Tax & VAT Law

Approach Credence LP with Tax and Vat Law issues as practice in legal tax matters involves constitutional jurisdiction, Credence LP are more than prepared.

Commercial & Business

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