Credence LP

We possess the expertise and act on behalf of clients in connection with a wide range of intellectual property law firm in Bangladesh related services, including copyright protection trademark registration, patent and industrial design registrations, and copyright protection, infringement, and domains. Our team’s high degree of technological and scientific sophistication helps clients protect and maximize the value of their IP assets In addition, we assist our clients in preparing and drafting agreements to secure intellectual property rights.

In the recent times plenty of data are being placed in electronic format by each company/individual which requires custom-made agreement as it is important for each transaction to avoid exposure to various potential risk. Our dedicated team of lawyers are engaged into transaction-based legal services including drafting and negotiating agreements. Due to a rise in the area of cyber-crime and hacking with the aid of electronic devices involving money and also infringement of privacy, confidentiality and other rights and also imposition of penalty for infringement by data controller etc., our group of lawyers also counsel clients on regulatory issues involving domestic and international privacy regulations information technology, data security, directives, and standards.

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