Credence LP

Md. Omer Shorif


Advocate, Supreme Court
Bangladesh, LL.B, MBA,
B.Com (Hons.) University of Dhaka

Md. Omer Shorif has a flourishing practice focused on land, real–estate, banking & finance as well as in family, inheritance and matters under the Negotiable Instrument Act and other civil matters. He is an expert of providing legal opinion upon vetting of property documents. With a Masters of Business Administration and Honors in Marketing from the University of Dhaka the matters related to business and commerce is also another field of his expertise. Being a promising litigator through his practice he has developed an excellent skill in negotiations and development of strategy.

Md. Omer Shorif is a third generation lawyer and comes from a family where his father and grandfather has laid down a legacy of practicing law with excellent reputation. He started his practice with his father and thereafter had been an associate with the Capital Law Chamber and after that he was a Senior Associate at Quader Mahmud Azam LP. Prior to practicing law, he was an Administrative Officer and was highly active in matters of compliance.

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