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Article in The Financial Express

Refashioning the arrangements for debt recovery in Bangladesh

Article on debt recovery laws in Bangladesh by me and Barrister Sadia Sarah published in the Financial Express today.

Collection of debt seems to be extremely difficult in Bangladesh’s current legal structure. For creditors, it’s a Himalayan task to recover the money from any person or company, be it any bill or friendly lending to a close one. But when it comes to receiving the invoiced amount, the client deemed to pay diligently often ignores the request for payment or at times the creditor’s number is just blacklisted and the debtor is at large.

Article in The Financial Express​

Towards a future of stability with disciplined citizens

Barrister Shahedul Azam article on Bangladesh 2071 Series in the Daily Financial Express published on the Independence Day 26th March 2021

A nation gets what it deserves. Fifty years of independence has made us a proud nation. It is widely recognised that Bangladesh has attained significant progress within the five decades. However, challenges remain and there are issues that need to be dealt with, by the current and upcoming generations.

While we should not compare ourselves with countries like the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, or Vietnam, we need to measure our prosperity based on our own 

Credence LP's story has been featured in the Banadesh Today

Credence LP, making a difference in law practice of Bangladesh

Law profession is one of the oldest and most respected profession in the entire world. Due to the fact that Bangladesh was part of the British Empire, this statement is not far from truth too. Being a profession where the only trend that has been observed was individualistic and hereditary succession in the last 50 years of Bangladesh. The law profession is changing with inclusion of new blood who are bringing in new ideas, trend, international standard and structure. 

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